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Cosigner 101: Frequently asked Questions

January 11, 2023

What Is A Cosigner?

Cosigners are persons other than the renters who are legally obligated to pay any debts incurred from non-payment of rent, fees or damages by the renters. Cosigners are a great way for students or first-time renters to give landlords and property owners the peace of mind necessary to approve their rental applications, and are sometimes necessary options for people who have bad credit history due to financial struggles in the past.

Who Can Be A Cosigner?

Parents, family, even friends. Really, anyone that is qualified and willing!

What Are The Requirements To Be A Cosigner?

Cosigners typically have to make 5-6 times the monthly rent and have good credit.

Do All Apartments Accept Co-signers?

No, not all apartments accept co-signers. Many apartments do accept co-signers, but it isn’t a given, even in college towns like Austin and San Marcos. Good news though! As local experts in all of our markets, we know all the apartments that will work with cosigners. If you need an apartment that accepts cosigners and you don’t want to waste your time calling around, request your custom search and we’ll make sure we only show you apartments that will work with you!

How Does Having A Cosigner Change The Lease?

Renting with a cosigner means that the landlord or property management company is acknowledging that you don’t have the required income to pay the rent for this property and that likely the cosigner is either paying the rent for you or acting as a backup. Some properties allow it, others don’t, and almost always the cosigner has to make much more than the standard 2 – 3x rent.