From start to furnished,

Perch locators are there with you through

every step of the

apartment-hunting process.

What does it mean to work with an apartment locator?

Here's a walk through our process...

Step 1: Talk to us.

What are you looking for in an apartment? One bedroom? Good amenities? What's your price range? Whatever you’re hoping to find, let us know and we’ll keep that in mind as we move forward with your search.

Step 2: Database deep-dive.

Perch has access to a database of information that you’d never be able to find on a typical listing site. We’ll get you the inside scoop on every property, whether it’s unadvertised specials, policy changes, or renovations.

Step 3: Let's get together.

Our locators are sure to confirm rent, qualification criteria and any other piece of information you’d need to help make your decision. We then meet up with you to help narrow down your options.

Step 4: Time to tour.

Our process doesn’t end with the apartment list. Whether virtually or in person, Perch locators actually come with you to each and every location to ensure that you’re seeing everything the property has to offer and getting every question answered.

Step 5: We're here, from start to furnished.

Picked out your favorite place? Great! Perch can help you through the application and qualification processes and ensure that you’re getting the best specials and rates.

Perch vs. The other guys


  • Perch has network of hundreds of partner properties across the Austin, San Antonio, and San Marcos areas, meaning more choices for you!
  • We'll recommend properties that are best for you, not just the ones that give us commission
  • We actually accompany you to tour the properties (whether in-person or virtual)
  • We'll never push you into signing a lease that you're not 100% sure about. We're not happy unless you're happy!


The other guys

  • Only work with a very limited number of properties
  • Only show and recommend properties in their network, even if there are better options outside of their partnerships
  • Will convince you to sign a lease even if you're not totally happy just so that they can collect commission
  • Gather together a list of apartments, email it to you, and then leave you to do the dirty work

Why should I use an apartment locator?

At Perch, our locators do more than just emailing you a list of properties. With us, you’re getting experts with years of experience and dedication who can cut through the noise and get you the apartment you need. With what seems to be endless options, getting started on your search may feel impossible. That’s where we come in. We take the time to really learn what you’re looking for, and then we curate a list that specifically addresses your needs and wants.

Unmatched experience

Because of our unmatched experience in locating and industry know-how, we can find and suggest properties that you otherwise may not have found in your own independent search, faster.

Unmatched dedication

Even after you’ve narrowed down your list, our dedication doesn’t stop there. We’ll visit the properties with you, oversee the application process, and communicate with leasing agents on your behalf. We’ll work to get you the answers and results that you deserve.

More questions? More answers.

Apartment locators work with you to help you find potential rental options when you're searching for a new apartment. They do all the heavy lifting: they research properties, find rates within your budget, tour properties with you, and even help with the application process. Because we have partnerships with tons of properties across Austin, San Antonio and San Marcos, we can get access to listings and offers that wouldn't typically be advertised on other apartment-searching websites. By using an apartment locator, you're saving yourself time and money.

Apartment locators get paid usually by one of two ways: they either receive a certain percentage of the monthly rent you pay to your complex, or they get paid a flat fee that stays the same regardless of how much the complex charges for rent. This money comes from the complex’s property marketing budget, which can be spent by either paying for advertising in various forms or by giving locators a commission for referring their property to a client.

Nothing! Apartment locating services are completely free. Yes, they really are free. No hidden expenses, no real estate fees, just quality locating services that will make you (and your wallet) very happy.

Perch works with a large and well-developed network of rental properties to ensure that you’re gaining access to the best options available in your area. Not only that, but we also help you with leasing from properties that are not a part of our network. Unlike other apartment locating services, we’re not going to push you into signing a lease just so that we can get the commission. We just want to be sure that you’re getting the best deal and that you’re happy with your new home.

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