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Understanding Your Rental Fees and Deposits

Finances may not be the most fun aspect of the apartment hunt, but they are a necessary one.  As a renter – no matter who your future landlord may be – there are costs you are going to have to pay and requirements you are expected to know as a renter.  When searching for an apartment you probably have an amount in mind that you are willing to spend on your new home. Understanding and budgeting for the most common rental fees and deposits will help you successfully navigate through the financial waters of renting. Not sure what kind of financial planning you need to do for your next place? Check out our blog about credit history and overview of lease applications, as well as our top tips to give you your best chance at having your lease application approved.

January 24, 2023Read More
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What's the difference between a resident and an occupant when renting?

This is a general overview of how contracts often work and should not be used as a substitute for legal or professional advice. If you are still apartment hunting, our expert apartment finders are licensed real estate agents and can help you with any questions about finding an apartment when you work with us to find your next place.

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What does utilities included actually mean?

One of your highest monthly costs when leasing an apartment is usually the rent. However, it is not the only bill associated with renting. With the rising costs of living in today’s economy, it is always important to find ways to save money. Sometimes apartments that include utilities are especially appealing to renters on a budget. If you are on the hunt for a new apartment, then it is essential you understand what "utilities included" actually means for you as a renter.

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