A small apartment balcony that can be become your small outdoor oasis.

Making the most of a small apartment balcony

January 5, 2023

If you've got a small apartment balcony, you may find it a challenge to use it.  Don't let that fantastic little slice of outdoor space go to waste!  Check out these great ideas and balconies from Apartment Therapy to make your outdoor space seem larger than it is.

By using different-sized plants that vary in height, you can make your little balcony feel like a spacious garden.  Also, mix up the height at which your plants sit by using different-sized pots and placing pots on objects like benches and tables.  Mounting a shelf on the balcony railing is a great way to create a place for a drink without using valuable floor space.

Hang a hammock on a tiny balcony to make it feel like you're on vacation at a four-star resort.  A small bench becomes a comfortable perch when you add cushions and pillows.

A diminutive outdoor couch is a great addition to making your balcony feel like an extension of your home.  Add blankets to make it usable even if the nights turn chilly. A shelving unit allows you to have even more plants by taking advantage of vertical space.

Don't have room or money for a sofa?  Create seating out of a couple of old wooden crates topped with a cushion.

Feeling exposed?  Add privacy to your tiny balcony by using bamboo in planters, which will shield an ugly view or prying neighbors.

There are many more inspirational photos and ideas over at Apartment Therapy, so check it out and get to decorating in time to enjoy the gorgeous Spring weather!

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