Interior of an empty apartment after a renter finished a make ready cleaning.

What is a make ready cleaning?

January 27, 2023

Wondering what a Make Ready Cleaning is?  Read on to find out!

A Make Ready Cleaning is a Cleaning that takes place after you’ve moved out of your apartment.  The apartment should be completely cleared out of furniture and personal belongings.  The cleaning is designed to meet most, if not all, of a landlord’s requirements for when you move out so you can get your security deposit back.  

This type of cleaning is thorough to make your entire apartment sparkle.   In the kitchen, it means cleaning all appliances inside and out, cleaning behind, underneath, and inside, the refrigerator and stove, cleaning inside all drawers, cabinets, and pantries, and cleaning all sinks, faucets, and counters.  

In the bathroom, it includes cleaning the sink, tub, toilet, faucets, countertops, mirrors, tiles in the shower, and inside all drawers and cabinets.  

Other items included in a Make Ready Cleaning are:  sweeping and mopping all floors, vacuuming all carpets, cleaning light fixtures, cleaning switch plates, wiping down outlet covers, dusting ceiling fans and mini-blinds, emptying fireplaces, and wiping down window sills and baseboards.  In situations where you have a balcony, backyard, or patio, it can also include sweeping the outdoor and storage area.

As you can see, a true make-ready cleaning is no small task. Fortunately, if you're in the Austin area, several cleaning services exist that offer this as a specific type of cleaning service. Check out our top picks below!

There are several highly rated companies that provide Make Ready Cleanings in the Austin area.  These include Boardwalk Cleaning Company.  Boardwalk prides itself on attention to detail and customer service and its customers say they go above and beyond on what and how thoroughly they clean.  They also get high marks for having reasonable rates.   Boardwalk Cleaning Company can be reached at 512-456-3070.

Havenly Cleans is another cleaning company beloved by customers for its quick response time and deep cleaning prowess.  They are a small team of dedicated cleaners who are committed to making the customer happy.  They provide free quotes by phone at 512-825-5450.

Welcome Home Cleaning Services assures your safety by doing criminal background checks on their employees and random background checks.  They get extra credit from customers for their ability to change cleaning times based on client schedules, and attention to cleaning out often overlooked spaces like microwaves and refrigerators.  You can visit their website or call 512-931-2095 for a free estimate.

If you want your house cleaner to use green, eco-friendly cleaners, then Suzy Q should be your choice!  Suzy Q also has a 100% Satisfaction guarantee and will re-clean your space within 24 hours if you aren’t happy.  You can schedule an appointment online or by calling 512-775-0652 in North Austin or 512-640-6264 in South Austin.

Need help finding an apartment before you even start thinking about hiring a Make Ready Service?  Reach out to us today for up-to-the-minute vacancies, move-in specials and amenities at all the best Austin addresses!

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